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Workamper Series – Part I: Arriving at a New Workamping Location – Survival Tips

The other day I was hiking alone up to the summit of Pemetic Mountain.  Pemetic was the name given to Mount Desert Island years ago by the Native Americans who inhabited this region.  It means “sloping land.”  I’ve always wondered why we feel the… Continue Reading “Workamper Series – Part I: Arriving at a New Workamping Location – Survival Tips”

In Search of Acadia’s Public Gardens

Wherever I travel, I am drawn to seeking out public botanical gardens much like a hummingbird is attracted to Monarda or Lupinus or Aquilegia.  Just as the hummingbird gets its nourishment from these flowers, visiting gardens and walking in nature sustains me.  My love… Continue Reading “In Search of Acadia’s Public Gardens”

Settling in at Acadia NP

“My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan I’ve completed my first two full weeks of work at Acadia NP and celebrated after the first week with an 8-mile round trip hike up Cadillac Mountain.  … Continue Reading “Settling in at Acadia NP”

Revisiting Acadia National Park

Just as my garden is emerging after a long winter’s nap, so too am I!  Since we’ve been stationary for the winter at our home in Vermont, I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging, with the exception being the series I’ve started on my photographic… Continue Reading “Revisiting Acadia National Park”