Month: July 2021

Photo a Day 7.10.21

After all the rain yesterday due to the residual effects of Hurricane Elsa, it was nice to get down to the Land and Garden Preserve for a walk in the sunshine this morning! The call of the loon Echoes down the peaceful pond In… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.10.21”

Photo a Day 7.8.21

After completing some much needed errands this morning (hardware store, grocery store, post office), I loaded up my bike and headed to the small parking area on Duck Brook Road to access the carriage roads around Witch Hole Pond. Rain was in the forecast… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.8.21”

Photo A Day 7.7.21

My chosen hike today was a loop that brought me to the summit of Dorr Mountain. There are numerous trails that ascend this mountain and I decided to hike up the North Ridge Trail of Dorr via the Jesup and Hemlock trails that leave… Continue Reading “Photo A Day 7.7.21”

Photo a Day 7.6.21

I embarked on a short hike after work today on the Great Head Trail in Acadia National Park. It’s a short, but rocky trail that weaves its way along the coastal cliffs of Great Head and through the forest and pitch pine ecosystems. I… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.6.21”

Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21

Cell signal from the closest tower was so bogged down yesterday that I could not post a photo – and it was raining all day anyway! So, today – I’ll post 2 photos from the last couple of days. In the photo above, the… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.4.21 and 7.5.21”

Photo of the Day 7.3.21

After a day of rain, I headed out for a quick jaunt along a nearby trail before my late shift at works begins. I had no particular focus in mind for what I might be photographing this morning. I wasn’t on the trail long… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 7.3.21”

Photo a Day 7.2.21

Examining tide pools during low tide along the coast is a relaxing and fun way to spend part of a morning! The various colors of the rocks, periwinkles and other shells are amazing!

Photo a Day 7.1.21

It’s time to initiate a new challenge for myself to post a photo a day for the month of July! Should be interesting as my cell signal has been challenging the past couple of weeks. I guess the closest tower is getting overwhelmed by… Continue Reading “Photo a Day 7.1.21”