Photo A Day 7.7.21

Pair of Barred Owls resting on a tree limb in Sieur du Monts

My chosen hike today was a loop that brought me to the summit of Dorr Mountain. There are numerous trails that ascend this mountain and I decided to hike up the North Ridge Trail of Dorr via the Jesup and Hemlock trails that leave from Sieur du Monts.

As I was walking along the Jesup Path towards the junction with the Hemlock Trail, I noticed a gentleman in a wheelchair up ahead coming towards me on the path. (The Jesup Path is one of several accessible trails within the park.) As I approached him, he stopped and I thought that he was just allowing me to pass since the trail is somewhat narrow right here. However, he gestured me to stop, and quietly told me that there was a pair of owls up ahead if I took the Hemlock Trail to the right at the junction. I was so thankful for this kind heads up! If he had not shared this information, I would have missed photographing and watching this wonderful pair of Barred Owls. I had intended to turn left on Hemlock Trail to reach the North Ridge of Dorr Mt. I made the short detour and found the birds perched on this tree limb!

These Barred Owls are yearly residents of the area surrounding the Sieur du Monts Spring area of Acadia National Park and I have seen them on other occasions but never close enough to photograph.

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