Photo a Day 7.8.21

Waterlilies blooming along the Witch Hole Pond Loop

After completing some much needed errands this morning (hardware store, grocery store, post office), I loaded up my bike and headed to the small parking area on Duck Brook Road to access the carriage roads around Witch Hole Pond. Rain was in the forecast for later this afternoon and I wanted to get a ride in before the showers commenced.

As soon as I came upon the first small body of water, I realized what the subject of my photo of the day would be. The waterlilies were blooming profusely in all the ponds. My 5-mile bike ride was interrupted numerous times to stop and photograph! It was really hard to choose a favorite shot to post so I’ll share all my favorites!

Tucked around this partially submerged dead branch….
A lonesome waterlily…

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