Beautiful Hiking Weather

Looking towards Great Head peninsula from the Ocean Path

I’ve been busy hiking the past couple of days on two of my favorite trails in Acadia National Park. The weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year and I took advantage of it!

Drifts of Aronia melanocarpa filling in the gaps between the rocks on the Gorham Mt. Trail

Hiking the same trails might seem redundant to some – but I find there’s always something new to discover! This week I’ve witnessed some additional native plants coming into bloom since my last hike along this trail.

Aronia melanocarpa – Black Chokeberry – filling the crevasses between the rocks
Gaylussacia baccata – Black Huckleberry in bloom along the Gorham Mt. trail and Cadillac South Ridge trail
Trientalis borealis – Starflower – this delicate plant blooming along the trails in the forested areas
Cornus canadensis – Bunchberry
Along the Ocean Path – blue sky and blue water!
The light was catching the samaras on this maple tree just right – along the Ocean Path!
Sisyrinchium angustifolium – Blue-eyed Grass at Otter Cove

Ascending the South Ridge of Cadillac Mountain today, I was so surprised to see the Pink Lady’s Slipper in bloom! The last season I was here, they did not bloom until the first week in June. So glad I chose to hike this trail today!

Cypripedium acaule – Pink Lady’s Slipper

I know where there are several patches of these orchids growing along the South Ridge Cadillac trail, so I was tuned in to looking for them. Just so unbelievably gorgeous! I try not to draw attention to them and wait to photograph until no one is near me on the trail. 🙂

Solitary orchid

I love the hike up the South Ridge of Cadillac – one travels through so many ecosystems as you climb towards the summit – the pitch pine forest above Eagle’s Crag is such a cool environment!

Trail winding through the Pitch Pine ecosystem
Interesting layers of native plants along the trail
Unbelievable views of the coastal islands from the South Ridge of Cadillac

On my descent from the Featherbed area beneath the Cadillac summit, I found a “new-to-me” patch of orchids nestled under a Pitch Pine! What a great discovery!

Hidden gems!
Cypripedium acaule – Pink Lady’s Slipper
Found some Rhodora still blooming at the higher elevations….

There’s always something new to discover along the same well-worn pathways – if you just keep looking! 🙂

2 Comments on “Beautiful Hiking Weather

  1. Lynn, your knowledge of wildflower identification is vast and your photo portrayal is skilled. Acadia’s varied ecosystems and panoramic ocean views is always a pleasure to experience, even if vicariously. I never get to see the park life in May. Thanks for todays tour!

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