Snow Magnolia

Star Magnolia – Magnolia stellata

Shivering blossom

Under a snowy blanket

Longing for sunshine. ~ Lynn Thomas Amber

I believe a more appropriate common name for the Star Magnolia should be Snow Magnolia! Here in the north where this magnolia reaches its hardiness limit, the opening blossoms often endure late cold snaps and snowstorms that damage its buds and discolor flowers. Thankfully, our mid-April snowstorm yesterday did not bring freezing temperatures and I believe the flowers and buds survived with minimal injury. I found the snow-covered branches and flowers to be photo-worthy and managed to snap a few pictures before the snow melted.

Hoping the flowers survive with minimal discoloration!
Tiny bud on the verge of opening….
I find such beauty in the unfolding flower petals…..

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