Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 22

Moosewood Maple (1 of 1)
Emerging Moosewood Maple leaves

The leaves are really popping out on Mount Desert Island now!  Today, I hiked up to The Triad via the Day Mountain, Triad and Hunter’s Brook Trails.  The forest is definitely coming to life now.  The bright green growth of the tender young leaves is refreshing and welcome!

Just below the summit of the East Triad is a memorial plaque naming the trail as The Van Santvoord Trail.  A little history is in order here.  John V. Van Santvoord was a summer resident of Seal Harbor and a leading member of the Path Committee for the Seal Harbor Village Improvement Society.  In 1912, he laid out the trail leading up to The Triad from a starting point off the old Wildwood Farm Road (near the present day Wildwood Stables). Construction was started on the trail in 1916, three years after Van Santvoord passed away from a heart attack.  He never walked the trail that was named in his honor.  Eventually, the original trail disappeared and parts of it became incorporated into the trails that are used today – the Triad Trail and the Hunter’s Brook Trail.  Throughout the park, there are trail memorials to those who had the foresight long ago to create an enduring place for all to visit and enjoy.  I love happening upon these memorial plaques!

Heard and got a visual on another Yellow-rumped Warbler near the top of Day Mountain.  I think I have this one committed to memory now!  I am making an effort to carry my binoculars around my neck (along with my camera) – instead of it’s usual resting place inside the daypack and inaccessible when most needed!

Van Sandvoord Trail (1 of 1)

Lynn Triad Mt (1 of 1)
Self-portrait – trying to find the bird making all that lovely music!
Hunter Brook Trail (1 of 1)
Portion of Hunter’s Brook Trail coming down off The Triad
Blueberries Day Mt (1 of 1)
I believe these are Alpine Blueberries – Vaccinium boreale – which are listed as rare on MDI – please correct me if I’m wrong. These plants were tiny and located in a small patch between rocky crevasses on Day Mountain
Moosewood Mape 2 (1 of 1)
More Acer pensylvanicum coming to life!
Snake Day Mt (1 of 1)
Almost stepped on this guy along the Day Mountain path!  He was as curious of me as I was of him! 🙂


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