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A Black and White Day

On our snowshoe yesterday we hiked part of the snowmobile trail and then veered off onto our neighbors lands so as to make a loop back to the house. I love trekking through these high-elevation farm fields. The open meadows afford a view that… Continue Reading “A Black and White Day”

A New Year

Since Christmas, I’ve enjoyed a short hiatus from photographing and writing. Sometimes it pays to break from a routine for a while so that you can come back refreshed and energized. Yesterday, and into this morning, we had a snow storm that blanketed the… Continue Reading “A New Year”

First Snowshoe

Our first snow of the season was really little more than a dusting. It was heavy and clung to the tree branches – as evident in the photograph above. Our second snowstorm was much more promising! It was bitter cold and so created a… Continue Reading “First Snowshoe”

Another Vermont Sunrise

I was focused on reading the annual Holiday email letter from a fellow Vermonter and blogger this morning – all while enjoying my morning coffee in “my favorite recliner.” When I finished reading the letter and admiring the photos that were included, I glanced… Continue Reading “Another Vermont Sunrise”

Snowy Day

My husband and I took a hike back in the woods this morning in search of a potential Christmas tree. We did not really find one suitable enough – not surprising really – but we gave it a good try! Our first snowstorm of… Continue Reading “Snowy Day”

Beaver Moon

The November full moon is often referred to as the Beaver moon as it was observed that beavers were most active during this time of the year preparing their lodges for the long winter ahead. The moon has appeared full for several nights now.… Continue Reading “Beaver Moon”

Artists in the Parks

I received a couple of comments about my previous post highlighting the carved log which honors the nature poet Seamus Heaney. My own curiosity about how these logs came to be transplanted into the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park landscape led me to do some… Continue Reading “Artists in the Parks”

Poetry in Nature

During our last hike at Marsh-Billings- Rockefeller National Historic Park, I came upon another interesting wood carving along the shores of The Pogue. Someone here at the park is obviously a fan of the Irish poet Seamus Heaney! This line is taken from his… Continue Reading “Poetry in Nature”

Yet Another stunning sunset

We’ve been experienced some remarkable sunsets recently. Heading up my gravel road after work today, the sun was just starting to dip below the horizon. As I’ve said before, this is one of my favorite times to be out walking – so peaceful and… Continue Reading “Yet Another stunning sunset”

Vermont’s Stone Walls

Walking the backroads, hillsides and forests of Vermont, it is inevitable that you will have an encounter with a stone wall! I’ve heard estimates claiming there are over 200,000 miles of stone walls in New England. Many of these stone fences were built in… Continue Reading “Vermont’s Stone Walls”