December Photos B/W 12.11.21

Room with a View

I’ve taken many photographs of this bluebird house over the years. It sits in a hedgerow by the edge of the dirt road a couple of miles out along my walking route. Something about the positioning and the way it reflects the afternoon light always catches my eye.

Lately, the weather in Vermont has given rise to a landscape that lends itself to black and white photography. Adequate amounts of white snow against a countryside filled with silhouettes of dark tree trunks and branches creates an opportunity for some nice contrasts.

As I sit here writing, the temperature has climbed to above 40 degrees and we’re experiencing a moderate rain that is drenching the 4 inches of snow that fell a couple of days ago. The warm air temperature and cool ground temperature are conspiring together to create a nice, thick fog that is descending over the hills. Lovely! 🙂

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