Lava Beds Desert Bloom

Salvia dorrii – Dorr’s Sage on Gillems Bluff

From a distance, the Lava Beds NM landscape looks fairly barren and harsh. But, up close and personal, there are many wildflowers blooming right now along the trails and roadways. On my travels in and around Gillems Bluff the other day, the sagebrush and juniper landscape was ablaze in color. (from a high-desert perspective that is!)

An amazing deep blue Penstemon – not sure of the species – possibly Showy Penstemon – Penstemon speciosus
Common Woolly Sunflower – Eriophyllum lanatum
Coyote Tobacco – Nicotiana attenuata
Threadleaf Phacelia – Phacelia linearis – this is carpeting the sagebrush floor all over the monument!
Cryptantha intermedia – Common Cryptantha

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