Lava Beds May Wildflowers

Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary – Collinsia parviflora

I noticed this sweet, diminutive flower blooming alongside the Big Nasty Trail near the Lava Beds National Monument border with the Modoc National Forest. This is a native annual plant found throughout the west. Apparently, it has also been present in Vermont – my home state! It thrives on disturbed soils and rocky slopes so it’s not surprising that it is found here in this rocky terrain.

Diplacus nanus (Mimulus nanus) – Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower

Another teensy plant growing in the burned out area near Mammoth Crater is the Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower. An annual plant native to California, this one also thrives in disturbed and bare soils. The plant supports both hummingbirds and several species of butterflies!

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