Introduction to Lava Beds National Monument

Phacelia linearis – Threadleaf or Linearleaf Phacelia

I’ve settled into my new home for the next few months at Lava Beds National Monument. This is a harsh, extreme environment that has been impacted by two major Northern California wildfires in the last two years – the Caldwell Fire in the summer of 2020 and the Antelope Fire that swept through this area in the fall of 2021.

As I explore my new surroundings, I am amazed at the way the landscape is bouncing back from the devastation. On a recent hike, I counted no less than 13 different wildflowers blooming on recently burned out hillsides along the 2.5- mile Big Nasty Trail and surrounding some of the developed lava tube caves. More pictures to come as I am struggling with very spotty cell service and very slow uploading speeds. I’m researching different options for pulling in a better signal but until then I will limit the number of photos I upload to any given post!

Some of the surrounding landscape:

Northeast area of the park looking towards Mt. Shasta
View of The Peninsula land formation from Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

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