Vermont Summer Series 5.23.20

Vermont Ferns (1 of 4)
Love the way ferns unfurl their fronds!

My focus this summer (as you might have guessed) will be “all things” Vermont.  I have not spent a summer in Vermont since 2015 so I’m looking forward to staying home and “re-discovering” all those places that bring me joy.  I’m also throwing myself into home projects and activities that have taken a back seat during the past 4 years of travel and workamping.

We recently dug up the small perennial bed along the north wall of my house – in an effort to regrade and reseed the back lawn area.  That bed was planted probably 18 years ago, had been terribly neglected and was an overgrown, weedy mess!  I decided to save the two ferns that I had placed in this bed – originally dug up from down near the creek that bisects our property.  I’m fascinated by ferns as they are unfolding after a long winter dormancy.  There’s just so much going on there if you look closely!

The trees have finally started leafing out here in Central Vermont, wildflowers are blooming and the forest floor is coming alive!  We’ve had a string of beautiful, sunny days with warm temperatures and mild nights.  It feels great to have the windows open at last – welcoming in the fresh air!

As of now, I have not settled on any specific theme or focus for my posts over the next few months.  It will be an adventure – whatever captures my fancy on any particular day will be highlighted here!  🙂




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