Winds of Change

Vermont Wildflowers (5 of 5)
Erythronium americanum – Yellow Trout Lily

Winds of change descend

Whisk me back towards Vermont

Set me gently home.       

                                   ~Lynn Amber

After 6 grueling days traveling on the road from New Mexico, we pulled into our Vermont driveway – relieved yet tired.  Covid-19 has forever changed us.  We sheltered in place in Arizona as best we could, waiting for the right time to head home – my job in Colorado uncertain.  It feels right to finally be here with more control over our lives.

Three days later, rested and rejuvenated, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a much-needed walk.  Trout lilies are starting to bloom in the woods although most are not yet fully open.  I found the one above growing in the mowed grass adjacent to our pond – starting to unfold it’s beautifully delicate flower due to more exposure to the warmth of the sun.

Under the forest canopy, Red Trillium were prevalent and nodding their flowering heads in my direction.  In the stream running along the roadside, I’m always encouraged when I discover the Marsh Marigolds lifting their yellow faces towards the sun!  Spring is really here and summer not far behind!!

Vermont Wildflowers (3 of 5)
Trout lily waking up….
Vermont Wildflowers (2 of 5)
Trillium erectum – Red Trillium
Vermont Wildflowers (1 of 5)
Caltha palustris – Marsh Marigold


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