30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 21

There is a high wind advisory in effect for coastal Maine this evening.  I thought perhaps that might render some decent wave activity as the tide started rolling in on Little Hunter’s Beach.  On my way to the beach along the path to the park loop road, this tree stump caught my eye.  I think it was all the various textures that captured my attention.  What I thought might be another “rock and water” scene for my photo of the day turned out to be something completely unexpected. I love it when that happens.

Tree Stump Day 21 (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperture priority setting – ISO set at 100.  My camera settings are 1/8 sec. f/5 65mm
  • I used my tripod and the Live View window and set focus on the fungi on the cut part of the trunk.
  • Exposure Compensation was set to 0.00.
  • In Lightroom, I fiddled with the highlights, shadows and vibrance settings and used the sharpening tool to add some crispness to the bark.  I did not crop this photo.

I’ll include a couple of my shots from Little Hunter’s Beach.  I’m not particularly happy with either one but have some thoughts to improve these shots in the future.

LIttle Hunters Beach Waves (1 of 1)LIttle Hunters Beach (1 of 1)

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