30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 23

I had two objectives today after work.  I wanted to find the horse statue a camper mentioned stumbling upon when taking a wrong turn on a trail, and I needed to try and get a photograph of the full moon.  Although technically the moon is full tomorrow, I thought I’d snare two chances this month to get a worthy photograph – since both nights are scheduled to be clear.  I settled on the moon rise as my photo of the day.  It was beautiful down on the cliffs tonight.  The moon was rising over the ocean at about 6:15 pm while the sun was setting at 6:38 pm.  I managed to enjoy both the sunset and the moon rise in a span of about an hour.  It was mesmerizing.  I had some company down on the rocks during the sunrise but soon after the moon rose everyone else meandered back to the campground and I was alone to enjoy the solitude and soothing sound of the waves lapping against the rocks below me.

Harvest Moon rising near Otter Point (1 of 1)

  •  I used the Aperture priority setting – ISO set at 400.  My camera settings are 3 sec. f/16 24mm
  • I used my tripod and the Live View window and set focus at infinity.
  • Exposure Compensation was set to -3.00.
  • In Lightroom, I did some adjustments to contrast, highlights, shadows and vibrance settings.  I also cropped and straightened the photograph slightly since it was hard to get the tripod level with the horizon on the rocks!

A few of my other photos from today – just for fun!

Horse statue near Day Mountain (1 of 1)Pine Needles catching the light (1 of 1)Sunset over Baker Island (1 of 1)Moon rising near Otter Point (1 of 1)

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