Big Bend Flowers

Rock Nettle Eucnide bartonioides

Towards the end of January, we drove to a small parking area along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive to hike down the wash that leads to Horseshoe Canyon. I was so surprised to find some plants in bloom!! The above rock nettle was cascading down the canyon walls in drifts!

Drifts of rock nettle on the canyon wall

Of course, perhaps the most famous flowering perennial in Big Bend National Park is the Big Bend Bluebonnet – a common name for the plant Lupinus harvardii. Towards the end of January after some rain, this perennial started blooming in some warmer microclimates throughout the park.

Big Bend Bluebonnet flower starting to emerge

Along the wash mixed in with the blue bonnets were numerous Desert Evening Primroses – Oenothera primiveris.

Desert Evening Primrose

It was a sweet little walk along an unmarked trail. The canyon was unique with its unusually rough rock surface. We will need to go back and explore deeper into the canyon on another day! 🙂

View of Mule Ears rock formation from the wash

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