Capricious Captures 10.26.22

Taking a Swim in the Rio Grande

I’m back! Since my last post, we have made our way from Northern California to Southwest Texas via a circuitous route that allowed us to visit family along the way and a whole bunch of national parks! Much of the time, I’ve had little to no cell service. Rather than be frustrated with zero or slow uploading speeds, I decided to forego trying to post anything here until we landed in SW Texas and got settled in our new spot for the winter months.

I have a ton of catching up to do and I’ll be sharing adventures and photographs – but not in chronological order! It’ll be fun and I’ll mix and match varying geographical locations we’ve traveled over the past year.

Rio Grande River

I get to spend the next 5 months in a very special place – Big Bend National Park. Looking forward to some quality time here exploring parts of the park and surrounding area that have eluded us in past visits!!

Big Bend NP has experienced some great rainfall in recent weeks and it’s caused the desert to come alive! It’s unusually green right now and some desert plants have taken advantage of the extra moisture and are blooming out of season. Along the Hot Springs Historic Area roadway, I spotted Eagle Claw cacti showing off their blooms!

Echinocactus horizonthalonius – Devilshead or Eagle-Claw Cactus

The Chisos Basin area is awash with green, gray, and blue hues across the landscape.

Looking toward the Window in the Chisos Basin
Casa Grande in the Clouds

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