Miniature Lupine

Lupinus bicolor – Miniature Lupine

I found this little gem growing in patches in the hillside meadows surrounding Lake Mendocino in California. As the botanical name suggests, the flowers are two-toned – blue and white. The plant is native from California to British Columbia and reaches a height of a foot or less. It also serves as a host plant for many types of butterflies and apparently is a favorite of the Arrowhead Blue butterfly.

2 Comments on “Miniature Lupine

  1. That’s a sweet little flower. Keep sending those beautiful floral photos. It looks like your are traveling north on the east (dry) side of the coastal range. If you do end up traveling the coast as far south as Mendocino there is a Pygmy Forest which might interest you. Pygmy Forest Discovery Trail, Van Damme State Park, Little River, CA 95456


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