High Surf Along the Acadia Coast

Waves crashing on the rocks near Otter Point

A couple of weeks ago, Hurricane Larry was way off the coast of Maine causing high surf advisories for us. I decided to head over to the Ocean Path along Thunder Hole and Otter Point to check out the seas. The bottom observation deck at Thunder Hole was closed but I made my way down to the next level above that to capture some shots of the incoming surf.

Thunder Hole

In the above photograph, you can see why the park closes the bottom section of the observation deck! 🙂

I was stationed on the next level up from there snapping pictures.

Bottom deck covered with water!

It was when I was snapping the next photograph that I realized I might get exceedingly wet! After getting the photo, I immediately turned my back to the spray and avoided getting my camera completely drenched with salt water.

Oops! Too close!!

After hanging out at Thunder Hole, I drove down past Otter Point and got some more great photos of the wave action.

I noticed this guy up on the rock and snapped a couple of pictures. This is what the park means when it issues warnings to tourists about getting too close to the edge of the rocks during high surf advisories!

Notice the guy up on the rocks …..
And, then the next wave came a tad close!!! He was okay!

No better time to get out and photograph the park than during inclement weather! Makes for some superb photographs!

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