Misty Afternoon Walk

Foggy, drippy walk to the Cobblestone Bridge!

I never tire of taking photographs of the Cobblestone Bridge in Acadia National Park. Of all the Rockefeller bridges in the park, it is my favorite. Yesterday, I embarked on a late afternoon walk choosing a loop that kept me in the Land and Garden Preserve area and would give me at least a 4-mile hike. Dense fog blanketed the coast all day with a heavy mist that at times felt like a light drizzle. I love hiking in the fog – the forest just seems to come alive with color and there’s a mystical quality to the landscape with the moss covered ground and rocky cliffs emerging from the earth.

I can just envision fairies and elves living among the rocks and crevasses!

As I approached Little Long Pond, the fog grew thicker and it was impossible to even make out much of the opposite shoreline!

A family of Mallard Ducks hanging out near the boat house
Hard to see where the water ends and the sky begins!

4 Comments on “Misty Afternoon Walk

  1. The fog conveys a mystical (mist-ical?) quality to these landscapes. Nice effect! The cobblestone bridge is my favorite as well but most (bike riding) visitors never see it because of its location. Stewart

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    • Nice play on words! You can actually reach it by bike from one of the carriage roads that starts at Jordan Pond. The bridge is just over the border of the park – but you have to walk the bikes up to the bridge. I think this is my best photo of it!


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