Photo of the Day 7.7.20 Bellflowers and Buildings

Bell Flower

More bellflowers!  For a few days, the Campanula carpatica “Blue Chips” in my garden was sporting only a single blossom.  Strolling through the garden this morning, I noticed that it now has company! 🙂

Much of the rest of the day was spent working on our garage siding project.  We are working on the gable end and have reached the point where it is necessary to work from scaffolding.  Ha!  That’s always fun – climbing up on a ladder that is on top of several sections of scaffolding while balancing a piece of siding in one hand and a heavy duty nail gun in the other!  I will be glad when we complete the north side of the building 🙂

Garage Siding Project
Almost to the top!!! 🙂


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