Photo of the Day 7.6.20 Clematis

Clematis in Bloom

My clematis vine has started to bloom!  I have not seen this plant in bloom for 4 years -since I’ve been away from Vermont traveling and workamping during the high summer months.  I have no recollection of where I purchased this plant or even what variety it is.  My attempt to google burgundy/maroon clematis yielded far too many choices for me to make an educated guess.  All I know is that it continues to thrive year after year with little fuss on my part.  I attribute this to our moderate Vermont summers.

This morning the dew was incredibly heavy.  As I was sipping my morning coffee on the porch, I saw the dewdrops reflecting off the newly emerging clematis flower and knew this would be my photo of the day.  🙂

I never had much luck growing clematis when we lived in the hot, humid conditions of southeastern Pennsylvania.  I painstakingly followed all the recommended rules for growing clematis – including the tried and true “cool shade on the roots and full sun on the foliage” advice.  Every attempt ended in failure.  I finally settled on Sweet Autumn Clematis – the only variety I was able to keep alive in PA.  We all know how easy and invasive that plant can be!  It was not my green thumb that contributed to that successful endeavor!

Perhaps it’s time to shop for a new clematis variety.  My burgundy mystery plant could use some company!  Yeah – maybe I’ll do that! 🙂



4 Comments on “Photo of the Day 7.6.20 Clematis

  1. Totally stunning clematis bloom- your photograph of the dew on petals is perfect! If you ever figure out the variety- let me know!

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