Photo of the Day 4.18.20

Cottonwood Pond 2
Looking through the grass….

Cottonwood Pond

Mourning doves cooing

Red-tailed Hawks guarding their nest

Mesquite wind silent.  

The incessant wind we have been experiencing over the past several days reminds me of my quiet morning walk earlier in the week!  On that particular morning, the wind was silent.  An anomaly here in the grassland!  The doves were vocal as I neared the pond  and the hawks were hanging by their nest in the cottonwood trees.  I wrestled with a haiku composition as I walked, settling upon the version above.

I’m posting a photo from several days ago as I don’t anticipate fighting the wind today!!  Although, Jim came back from his morning walk in the wash and exclaimed that I had to bring my camera down and take pictures of the Mariposa Lilies he saw – sooooooo……maybe the camera will get some action today! 🙂

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