Photo of the Day 4.17.20

Blue Bowls
Gilliastrum acerosum – Spiny Blue Bowls

Today we ventured over to another part of the conservation area that borders Arizona state fish and game lands.  We hiked a dirt road through the grasslands that rose up into the foothills of the Mustang Mountains.  (I love that name!)  Once we started up the road, it was amazing to spot a great variety of wildflowers growing among the grasses.  This blue/purple flower really stood out with its deep blue color and dark green leaves.  Since it is not listed in the two print plant references I have, it took some online work to figure out the species.  I believe I’ve got the identification down correctly.  It’s a member of the Phlox family and this plant is common in grassland environments.

One of the websites that I’ve found useful (among others) is the Plants of the West and Southwest.    Of course, another great site is the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s plant database.   I’ve still much to learn as I get familiar with the plants growing here in the southwest.  It’s a lot of fun to investigate these new plants (to me) and keeps me out of trouble! 🙂



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