Photo of the Day 4.1.20

Valley of Fire petraglyphs

While we were camped in the Mojave Preserve, we had a great conversation with some fellow Vermonters who were traveling in a vintage Airstream.  Upon their recommendation, when we left the Mojave Preserve, we decided to head to Valley of Fire State Park on the northeastern side of Las Vegas.  Part of the fun of traveling on the fly is being able to make these last minute decisions!   My next blog post will detail our stay in this incredibly unique area.

The best part of the decision to detour to Valley of Fire was discovering a hiking trail with the most amazing petroglyphs I have ever seen!  The Mouse Tank Trail is a short trail leading back to a hide-out used by a local renegade Southern Paiute in the late 1890’s.  On the way back to the terminus of the trail, the rock walls are teeming with petroglyphs.

4 Comments on “Photo of the Day 4.1.20

  1. Last year Frank and I and our daughters camped and hiked in those same places! It’s wonderful to see that you are there! Our final destination was a great week on Catalina Island, backpack camping, but the girls insisted on flying in and out of Las Vegas (Ah, Youth!) so we had lots of adventures in the Mojave and Valley of Fire, too. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post! Love, Maria

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    • Oh wow – what a coincidence! I’ll be writing my post about Valley of Fire tomorrow I think. We were there earlier in the month of March. Unfortunately I just read where they have now closed the state park due to the pandemic. Glad we got there when we did! Hope you are all well back there in Vermont!

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