Photo of the Day 3.31.20

Las Cienegas pond (1 of 1)
Cottonwood Pond with the Mt. Wrightson Wilderness peaks in the background

I walk to this pond in the conservation area daily.  It is a source of rejuvenation for me and reflection.  It brightens my spirit during this difficult time.  I love spending time watching the great egret who lives here – and find myself concerned that I have not seen him for a couple of days.  I am amazed by the Tree Swallows who inhabit this watershed – their flight patterns are so acrobatic as they dive, climb and circle in the air in search of insects to nab for a meal.  I delight at watching them as they periodically dip down to the water and literally pick insects off the surface!

Today, we took a late afternoon walk down to the pond.  We had some RV business to take care of – dumping our tanks, filling up with fresh water, and topping off our propane supply.  Those tasks encompassed most of the day and we returned to our camp site ready for some exercise.  We were treated to a greater variety of birds at the pond today – maybe it was the time of day.  We observed a Cedar Waxwing perched in a tree along the water’s edge, more Tree Swallows performing for us and several Vermillion Flycatchers hunting for food. I caught a glimpse of a small, mostly yellow bird darting between several trees – that I’m guessing may be a Wilson’s warbler.  The habitat certainly  fits and the time of year coincides with its presence here.  I’ll look for him again tomorrow and hopefully get a better look.

The Tree Swallows, in particular, are catching our fancy.  As we stand quietly, we are convinced that our presence brings them out in force to show off their agility for us!   And, they do not disappoint!

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