Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 8


Magnolia stellata
Magnolia stellata at Asticou Gardens

I could see this magnolia blooming from Route 3 as I drove by Asticou Gardens today.  It beckoned me to come closer and I just had to stop in and visit with it.  I have a Star Magnolia in my garden at home, and I left Vermont before it had started to bloom this year.  It’s one of the first shrubs to come to life in the spring and I love it’s dainty multi-petaled white flowers.  This photograph was meant to have a dreamy quality and I focused on just the curve of the front petal – exquisite! 🙂

Asticou Gardens is renowned for its azalea and rhododendron display and the early rhododendrons are just starting to flower.  I caught some Korean Rhododendrons in full bloom.

Korean Rhododendron (1 of 1)
Rhododendron mucronulatum – watched a hummingbird visit the flowers but he was to quick for me to capture with my camera!
Korean Rhodendron 'April Snow' (1 of 1)
Had fun watching this bee making the rounds – the gardener said this one is R. mucronulatum ‘April Snow’ but I think ‘April Snow’ has white flowers.  He did admit to being new and not familiar with all the plants so I’m not committing to the cultivar – just the species!
Helleborus (1 of 1)
Helleborus species  – a double-flowering variety

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