Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 1

Jordan Pond foot bridge
Jordan Pond Foot Bridge

I decided to start off my second season here at Acadia National Park with another photo challenge for myself.  One Photo – One Day for the month of May.  I thought it would be fun to continue this for the summer and see the progression of the seasons.  We will see how long I can keep it up!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I never made it to the suspension foot bridge on the Jordan Pond Trail last year.  I hiked both sides of the pond en route to other trails but had never actually circumnavigated the entire perimeter of the pond .  I thought it only fitting that my first hike this year should be to complete this short, easy 3.2 mile trek around the pond.   I’ve seen an incredible photograph of the night sky from this location.  Perhaps I’ll try and make it to this spot on a clear, summer night this year and see if I can capture the Milky Way! 🙂

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