30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 27

My day has been full with work obligations so I have decided to choose a photograph from another day during my 30 day experiment – so not totally out of line!   I am particularly fond of photographing plants since that was my focus for many years as a landscape designer.  As I’ve mentioned before, Thuya Gardens is one of my favorite locations on the island.  During my last visit there, I spent some time communing with an Acer griseum planted in the garden.  I have always been enamored with this small ornamental tree.  It was a plant that we grew in our small nursery in Pennsylvania.  I cannot resist the delicate trifoliate leaves and the exfoliating, cinnamon-colored bark!

Acer griseum (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperature priority setting – ISO set at 100.  My camera settings are 1/30 sec. f/5 75mm
  • No tripod as it is necessary to get special permission to use a tripod here.
  • Exposure Compensation was set to 0.00.
  • In Lightroom, I did not actually do much alteration from the original settings – ever so slight adjustment to shadows and vibrance

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