30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 26

Last night we had some torrential rain and windy gusts.  It kept me awake until close to morning.  I knew I would have to get out early for a photo shoot today or not at all.  Luckily, the rain had subsided by morning.  I could hear the surf pounding against the rocks as I exited my trailer.   And, it was foggy.  With little time before work, I managed to get down to the shoreline and capture a very “foggy” coastline.  While it’s not the most interesting photograph I’ve taken, it does convey the mood of the morning.

Morning fog (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperature priority setting – ISO set at 250.  My camera settings are 1/100 sec. f/9 120mm
  • I used my tripod and the timer on the release mode dial
  • Exposure Compensation was set to -3.00.
  • In Lightroom, I fiddled around with a number of settings until I was happy with the end result – bringing out the color and detail of the foreground cliffs.  The following settings were altered:  contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks and vibrance.

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