Edisto Beach Moments

Colorful chairs on Edisto Beach house porch

Our annual family trip to Edisto Beach occurred one week later in November than normal. It meant that we missed the late-season hurricane that came up the coast but had to endure less than ideal weather from the backlash of the storm. It was cloudier and cooler than usual even by local standards. We still managed to get a couple of beach walks in and some side trips to local attractions. Our trip in photos!

Beach Time

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation was established in 1681 by Englishman Major John Boone. It has realized several transfers of ownership over the years but has continued to produce agricultural crops throughout its long history. The current owners, the MacRae family, purchased the plantation in 1955 and opened it to the public a year later.

Oak Avenue planted in the mid-1700’s lines the driveway to house
Slave quarters for the “house” slaves – not typical. During a period in the 1800’s, brick was produced by slaves from clay on the property to be used in many buildings around Charleston
The main house on the plantation – remodeled in 1936
Fall theme throughout the plantation!
The gardens on either side of the main house are arranged in the pattern of a butterfly – visible only from above!

Mepkin Abbey Creche Festival

Mepkin Abbey was established in 1949 on the grounds of the former Mepkin Plantation. It is inhabited by Trappist monks who follow the Rule of St. Benedict by devoting their lives to “prayer, spiritual study, work and hospitality.” For 18 years, the abbey has hosted a Creche Festival – displaying close to 100 nativity scenes from artists around the world. Friends of mine who live near the abbey invited us to join them for a tour of the festival. It was absolutely a wonderful experience. While most of the nativity scenes were located indoor, there were a few outside displays where I could take pictures. They were all so very unique in their interpretation of the nativity!

Georgetown, SC

We try to choose a new town somewhere within a couple of hours from Edisto Beach to explore during our visit. This year, the choice was Georgetown, SC. Founded in 1729, the city quickly became a registered port of entry allowing trading to occur directly from the city rather than all trade going through Charleston. Early on, indigo was the main crop traded in the port. Later, rice and lumber were major exports. Today, the outskirts of town are dominated by International Paper. The town itself was a surprise. A walkable downtown center along the historic Front Street with restaurants and shops is surrounded by old, well-kept neighborhoods of Victorian-style homes. The marina no longer supports large ships so the shipping industry has died here, but there appears to be a healthy population of tourists and leisure boaters enjoying the harbor.

Fun wall mural along Front Street
Harbor in Georgetown
Waterfront condos and shops in Georgetown

From the Porch on Edisto Beach

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  1. Loved the colorful chairs, the row of live oaks and the bottle tree. I didn’t know about the Gullah tradition of Cobalt Blue bottles (coming with slaves from the Congo) to the Carolina low country or their association with ghosts and spirits. All great photos! Stewart

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