October Photo of the Day 10.10.21

Little Hunter’s Beach

Little Hunter’s Beach is a lesser known spot on the park loop road and an easy 1.5 mile walk for me from my summer home. I love to visit here in the early morning or early evening. The best part of hanging out on the cobblestone beach is listening to the sound of the rolling stones as the water recedes during the ebb and flow of the incoming tide.

As I sat there drinking my coffee, the water started creeping closer and closer to my rock perch. Eventually, it began to creep over the rock in front of me. I loved the way the foam curled over this protruding rock! 🙂

At one point, I thought my sneakers were going to get drenched so I hopped up a tad too quickly. Walking on these small cobblestones is tricky as they are very unstable under the feet. As I started to rise from my crouching position, the stones shifted under me and I tumbled very ungracefully sideways. Much to my chagrin, it was entertainment for the couple sitting further down the beach – who caught my fall!

Love all the beautiful colors of the cobblestones!

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