October Photo of the Day 10.7.21

Fallen leaves in a small brook

Yesterday, I completed the longest hike of the season – taking the long way around to the top of Sargent Mountain for a grand total of 9.8 miles round-trip! My hike began at the Carriage Road Sign Post #15 where I picked up the Asticou Jordan Pond Path. Along this pathway there are several wooden and stone bridges that cross some small streams. The fallen leaves in one of the pools of water caught my eye. So colorful!

From the Asticou Jordan Pond Path, I connected to the South Ridge Sargent Mountain Trail. For about 3 miles I never saw another human being! The South Ridge Sargent Mountain Trail at its lower end appears to be a less trafficked trail and it was absolutely beautiful – traversing through conifer forests and opening up onto rocky outcroppings to lend views of the mountains and coast. A perfect fall day in Acadia!

View along the South Ridge Sargent Trail

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