October Photo of the Day 10.28.21

Beech leaves catching the afternoon light filtering through the woods

Since I’ve been remiss in posting a photo a day since arriving home, I’m posting 3 photographs today! It’s been a busy time this past week weeding and cutting back my perennial beds, unpacking the Airstream and winterizing it temporarily, and cleaning the house. My husband held down the fort here at home while I was in Acadia NP working and his definition of “clean” differs drastically from mine! 🙂

I planned my day to be divided between working in the garden in the morning and focusing on an area of the house to deep clean in the afternoon. Sandwiched these two chores, I managed to sneak in my daily walk around the neighborhood.

It’s been a while since I strolled through the old cemetery up the road and I decided to walk in and peruse some of the stone markers. I love old cemeteries! Some of the stones here date back to the early 1800’s and many of the engravings are barely legible.

Old cemetery

After being absent for nearly 6 months, it’s always fun to see what changes have taken place around my neighborhood. The pandemic brought newcomers to the area who purchased either land or properties with a house – some of which had been either vacant or just summer residences for years. It’s so nice to see people fixing up these properties and settling in.

As I was walking by the large “beaver pond” up the road, I noticed a new addition – a very large bird house set right on the edge of the pond. A duck house of some kind, perhaps??

Very large bird house – could it be for a duck??

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