Photo a Day 7.15.21

Crazy quilt from 1889

I visited the Carroll Homestead in Southwest Harbor today to hear a local descendent of the original settlers of this homestead talk about life on this farm in the 1800’s. Joan Jordan Grant, great-granddaughter of one of the original Carroll family members, gave a heartfelt, informal talk about her ancestors complete with items on hand from the era – including a handmade doll named Lydia that was made by Rebecca Carroll (her great-great grandmother) and given to Joan’s mother when she was an infant – and the above crazy quilt also crafted by Rebecca with the help of other women in the family.

I have a crazy quilt that is remarkably similar in design to this one that was passed down to me from an ancestor so I was really drawn to the colorful patchwork in this treasured blanket.

The Carroll Homestead

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the public is not yet allowed to tour the house but I could peek in the windows! A family of 10 children and 2 adults inhabited this tiny farmhouse in the 1800’s! I encourage you to follow the link above to read more about this amazing family.

2 Comments on “Photo a Day 7.15.21

  1. Lynn, you had me when you poked my history buttons. In all the years I’ve been traveling to MDI and camping in SW Harbor I’ve never seen the sign nor the Carroll Homestead. I hope it will be open when we visit in August. Hmm, a family with a history in masonry–I wonder if Carroll Concrete ( a family corporation) with headquarters in Newport, NH and a dozen sites in VT & NH has descendant?

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