Sounds of Spring

Beech leaves still persistent at winter’s end catching the early morning light

Sights and Sounds of Spring

Meltwater trickles

Along the mud-covered road

A burbling river. ~ Lynn Thomas Amber

Yesterday, the sun was shining brightly, warming the spring air and lighting up the forest. I found that I had a little extra bounce in my step, and a wider curl to my smile as I soaked up the rays of sunlight on my daily walk. I was also feeling much lighter – sans long underwear and heavy sweater for the first time all winter! I altered my routine – choosing to walk in the early morning before the frosty roads broke loose from the warm temperatures and penetrating sunshine. By the time I returned home, the rivulets of meltwater were already running down the sides of the roads – a sure sign of spring.

Gazing across the landscape through the Cornus alternifolia branches

I’ve been attracted to this small clump of Cornus alternifolia (Pagoda Dogwood) growing naturally along the road and examine it regularly on my walks. The reddish-purple branches stretching horizontally from the trunk are quite attractive in the winter. I wanted to capture the habit of the branching structure in the foreground of this shot – not entirely happy with this angle – still needs some work – so I’ll keep trying!

A new fence disappearing over the hilltop…

A new owner on the property around the corner from us installed this post and rail fence around their perimeter last summer. It meant that the VAST snowmobile trail that used to bisect the property had to be re-routed onto the narrow yet travelled road for a small distance before rejoining the trail on the other side of the property. I have mixed feelings about that. Most of the snowmobilers have observed the “stop” signs before entering the road, but I have noticed a few who have just shot out onto the road with little regard to checking for cars. Hoping the warning signs along the road are adequate to alert cars to the possible snow machine traffic.

Old barn tucked into the hillside – love the shadows!

Another warm day – everything seems to be coming back to life even though we have a long way to go until true spring. I fear I may be walking in mud today – oh well! 🙂

2 Comments on “Sounds of Spring

  1. I love the old barn tucked into the hillside – reminds me of sugaring season in Vermont.
    The kids and I would hang plastic milk jugs on the taps around our place on Lincoln Hill and would collect twice a day. Then we would boil with the garage door open wide for cover on a makeshift boiler and pan. There is nothing sweeter than homemade maple syrup and the memories!


    • What a great memory! After helping our friend Bill for a couple of years with his sugaring operation, my sons wanted to try it on their own. When they were in middle school, we built a small sugar house back by our pond and, for several years until they went off to college, we tapped about 70 trees. We made enough syrup to last us through the year and give away as gifts. The sugar house sits dormant now. Hopefully, we’ll fire up that evaporator again when time allows.


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