Sleigh ride

Sugar house in the woods….

Recently, we’ve been getting eggs from our good friend Bill – whose chickens have returned to a more regular laying schedule. Since we were down to 1 egg in the refrigerator this morning, Jim called Bill to see if we could swing by and pick up a couple dozen eggs. Bill suggested we come around about noon. His new, young apprentice would be there to continue her horse team “driving” lessons and he wanted us to meet her. I was pretty sure this also meant we would be invited along for a sleigh ride through his sugarbush and I grabbed my camera on our way out the door! 🙂

Bill’s getting prepped for the annual maple sugar season when he taps between 800 and 1000 trees – selling his syrup at local coops throughout the year. He sugars the old-fashioned way using a team of horses to gather the sap that is collected from buckets hanging from taps drilled into trees. He has quite possibly the prettiest sugarbush I have ever seen. He’s been lovingly caring for these woods for over 35 years and it shows. I love wandering through his forested land – especially when being pulled by the horses in the sleigh!

We’ve had a pretty good snow pack this year and he has been taking his team of horses out regularly to pack the trails through the woods. This year, he is training a young girl from a neighboring town to drive the horses during gathering season. Once the saps starts to run, Bill is busy boiling in the sugar house and he enlists competent helpers to drive the horses and collect the sap. Ella has proven to be a quick study and is driving the horses during our jaunt around the woods today, with teacher Bill along for moral support. She has such an air of competence about her that I feel totally comfortable with her at the reins.

While we waited for Bill and Ella to get the horses harnessed and ready to be hitched to the sleigh, Jim and I entertained ourselves watching the chickadees swooping down to feed on the sunflower seeds that Bill provides for them.

The chickadees used the nearby young tree branches as a staging area to swoop down to the sunflower seed tray
Bill is often able to get the chickadees to eat from his hand, so Jim decided to give it a try. Success!!

With the horses harnessed, Bill walks them up to the sleigh.

Leading the horses – Huck and Hazel – to the sleigh

And, once in position behind the sleigh – they get all hitched up and are ready to take a spin through the sugarbush. I’m always amazed how incredibly strong these horses are and, even with the soft and slippery snow, they manage the ups and downs and twists and turns of the trail with relative ease.

Hitching up Huck and Hazel to the sleigh…
Ready to go!

Scenes from the Woods

The horses are guided through the sugarbush following a maze of trails so that they get used to the route and continue to pack the snow. Bill tells us that Huck and Hazel are being particularly well-behaved today and suggests they are showing off for us! Ella nods in agreement. I’ve been observing the two horses as we traverse the woods and notice that Huck seems much more interested in us and his surroundings than Hazel. Often turning his head around to check us out. They definitely have very distinct and unique personalities.

Ella at the reins….
Bill – the patient and competent teacher!

Coming up the trail above the sugar house, we stop and give the horses a break at the location where they will eventually be stationary to unload sap from the tank in the sleigh into the storage tanks below the trail. From the storage tanks, the sap runs into the evaporator in the sugar house.

What a beautiful setting for a sugar house 🙂
Taking a break….
Huck looking back for the camera!

After a break at the sugar house, we head back to the barn to grab our eggs and haul a couple of boards out to our truck – to store in our basement to dry out a bit for Bill.

Using the horses to carry some sawn lumber out to our truck
Waiting patiently to go back to the barn and get their treat for a job well done!

I cannot think of a better way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny, “warm” afternoon in the middle of March in Vermont…I feel so privileged!

7 Comments on “Sleigh ride

    • Thanks! It’s always a good day spent wandering around the snowy woods in Vermont – knowing that spring really is just around the corner! Checked out your blog before responding – very nice indeed! Look forward to reading more…

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding to you! It was indeed a beautiful day! And, it appears that spring has started to show itself this week with warm (for us) sunny days. I’m enjoying your blog now that I’ve seen it. It appears you live in Ireland or Northern Ireland? I have a strong ancestral connection to Ireland – hope to travel there once we can safely do so. Have a great day!

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  1. It’s like a slice of life in the past, it’s always comforting to see that some people remain passionate about this way of life rather than giving in to productivity. Thanks for the sunny ride.

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    • I agree with you – he is old school and I’m so glad for that. I hate seeing miles of plastic tubing throughout our beautiful woodlands. And, we purchase our syrup exclusively from our friend because we know it does not travel through this endless maze of plastic. His is the best tasting syrup by far. So fortunate to be near his land. It was indeed a sunny ride! Looking forward to the warm temperatures this week and the ensuing snow melt!

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