A Lone Sailor

The Lone Sailor – Lake Champlain Navy Memorial

I reach a point during this pandemic when I just need a change of scenery or else I think I might explode! With clear blue skies shining brightly at home this morning, my husband and I decided a road trip to the Burlington Waterfront was just what the doctor ordered!

As we drove along Route 89 heading northwest from Montpelier, I almost made the decision to turn around. There were ominous clouds hanging over the mountains as the Interstate wound its way toward Burlington and I was concerned that the city would be gray, windy and bone-chillingly cold. We persevered, however, and were rewarded with partly sunny skies over the lake and calm water!

It never fails to amaze me that I always discover something new along the waterfront. We decided to park in the ECHO Science Center lot since the museum was closed today and the lot practically empty. We pulled into a space facing the lake and, right in front of us, I noticed this sculpture garden that I had never seen before. It occupies the former site of the U.S. Naval Reserve on Lake Champlain and is a memorial to all those who served. If you are interested in more information, check out these sites about the Lone Sailor statue in Burlington and the History of the Lone Sailor in general.

5 Comments on “A Lone Sailor

  1. There is so much feeling in this B&W photo. The starkness of the image and cloudy sky portray what must be a common emotion for seamen on long naval voyages. The links were very informative, thanks. Stewart

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