A Black and White Day

Guardian of the Field

On our snowshoe yesterday we hiked part of the snowmobile trail and then veered off onto our neighbors lands so as to make a loop back to the house. I love trekking through these high-elevation farm fields. The open meadows afford a view that is amazing in all directions.

I’m a tree person. I love trees. This old ash stands guard in the abandoned farm field across the road from us. It is so majestic. I’ve photographed it often. Yesterday traipsing through the fields, the landscape was so colorless that I thought the white of the snow and the dark silhouettes of the tree trunks and branches would make a decent black and white photograph. This was my best effort!

2 Comments on “A Black and White Day

  1. A great photo of a beautiful tree which stands as a lonely sentinel in that field. It doesn’t look like the ash trees I see in the forest which have a tall trunk free of branches until it nears the canopy. From the photo, I can’t tell if the branches are opposite.


  2. Definitely not growing like its siblings in the forest! This tree has enjoyed a wide open space with plenty of room to grow out as well as tall and develop a great, spreading canopy. If you zoom in real close, you can see the opposite nature of the buds and even some petioles hanging on through winter. 🙂


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