Old Factory

Old factory near Enfield

We are having a quiet Thanksgiving holiday as we do our part to help suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We would normally get together with family here in Vermont. But this season, our extended family is celebrating in their own households, as we are. We do have just one guest – my son who is visiting on his own from our neighboring state of NH. We’ll just be hanging out here at home and it has been a nice time catching up with him. I am grateful to have this time with him.

Our topics of conversation vary – covering everything from politics to recent home projects – often revolving around what we have been doing recently for fun. In talking to him about a recent bike trip on the Northern Rail Trail, my husband was mentioning this old factory that sits along the bike trail. We had stopped along the trail to admire the old crumbling architecture of the building and survey the dam that obviously was used to generate power for whatever operation took place here. As an engineer whose specialty is “power”, my son is always interested in these old technologies.

I looked through my photo files and found the picture I took of the building and dam – so I could give my son a “visual” of the place. What an interesting collage of colors and textures! At some point, I will follow up researching what this building was – a textile mill, perhaps?

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