The Pogue

Looking through the trees …….

For our Sunday road trip, we traveled to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park. The forecast called for rain and high winds later in the day so we arrived at the park around 11:30 hoping to beat the weather and take a brisk walk. It was a cold morning and we bundled up. But, as we climbed the carriage road that led to The Pogue, we warmed up fast! 🙂

I’ve been meaning to take Jim to the park since my excursion there during the summer. The carriage roads and surrounding trails are well-maintained and not overly crowded. He loved the moderate hike and we agreed that there are enough other trails through the woods to warrant a few more trips to explore. Definitely going to consider snow-shoeing here this winter!

Lots of mossy, decaying, fallen trees in the forest! Love how the bright green moss shows up this time of year
Reflections in The Pogue – look at that stormy sky!
Another view of The Pogue from the 3/4 mile loop road that surrounds the lake

5 Comments on “The Pogue

  1. Vermont is very fortunate to have such unspoiled and accessible natural areas. It’s a great way to enjoy part of the weekend to take your mind off things.


    • With Covid restrictions ramping up and our voluntary self-isolation most of the time – our Sunday excursions are becoming quite fun and – yes- a good way to focus our energy elsewhere! Was looking at your blog – and am now following – curious about your Costa Rica posts. We are considering a trip there. Looking forward to reading what you have posted 🙂

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      • I have fond memories of my travels through Vermont, such beautiful nature. Thank you for following my blog, I appreciate it very much. For the last ten years I’ve mainly focused on Latin America and Canada, I’m trying to show this steadily, before resuming travels in Europe.


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