Photo of the Day 7.4.20 Red, White and Blue

Coleus, Impatiens and Verbena

Since it’s the 4th of July, I tried to get a picture that “somewhat” depicted the spirit of the day – blue and white verbena, deep pink impatiens (closest I have to red!) and coleus with a hint of red in the foliage.

I’ve always considered holidays a time to spend with family.  I remember when I was young, the Dougherty branch of our family often had reunions and picnics on long summer holidays.  The usual comfort food was in great abundance – macaroni salad, baked beans, potato salad, hotdogs, hamburgers, iced tea, lemonade and an endless variety of pies and cakes.  As an introvert, I usually faded into the background at these affairs but that never meant that I did not enjoy them.  To the contrary, I relished sitting quietly and listening attentively to the stories my elderly relatives recounted about growing up in Chester County, Pennsylvania – as survivors of two world wars and the Great Depression.   I did not converse much then – and quite frankly – still tend to be on the quiet side.   But, make no mistake,  we introverts still like being in the company of others!

Our large family gatherings are a thing of the past.  The generation that prompted those reunions long gone.  Funny how times change.   Today, my own immediate family is celebrating the holiday elsewhere.  It feels lonely without their presence but we are heading to a good friend’s house for a late afternoon visit – and that will be just fine 🙂






2 Comments on “Photo of the Day 7.4.20 Red, White and Blue

  1. Lynn,
    I enjoyed your reminiscences of those family reunions of days gone by. They are a thing of the past and today close friends do fill the void. Belated Happy 4th.


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