Photo of the Day 7.1.20 Rainy Day Daylily

Orange Daylily

I’m kicking off July with another Photo of the Day Challenge to myself.  I’m getting stir crazy staying at home and this will motivate me to get out and about!  There are several patches of what I call “roadside daylilies”  scattered around our property.  These daylilies were planted by the previous owner and, to be honest, I’ve never really paid them much attention.  They have just started to bloom amid several days of scattered showers and thunderstorms.  I ran out in between raindrops today to shoot some flowers and this was my best effort before being chased back inside 🙂

Around the Farm….

We’ve been busy tackling our to-do list of projects and I’m happy to  report some good progress.  All the lawn area that needed regrading and rejuvenating has been complete and the new seed is germinating and loving this much needed rain.

The pond work is complete and a new raft is ready for launching!  Jim did most of the cutting and fitting and I manned the drill – screwing the boards into place (carefully making sure I did not puncture a barrel)!

Raft in ProgressRaft in Progress 2Raft completed

Now that the raft is complete, we are moving to our next agenda item – finishing the siding on the detached garage!  I’ve been busy staining the red pine siding with our Harvest Gold solid color stain.  We have a staging area in the upstairs of the garage so that I can paint regardless of the weather.  With enough boards completed over the past few days, we can now start nailing it up!  The second story of the garage has been a storage area for lumber, so this siding project is solving two problems.  We are completing the exterior of the garage AND cleaning out the upstairs!  A good bit of this stored lumber also went to building the raft.  As the lumber piles dwindle, my mind has been wandering to thoughts on how we should finish off the garage second floor now that it is being cleared out. 🙂

The garden is growing well and happily enjoying all this soaking rain.  And, some new annuals and perennials are coming into bloom in the patio garden.

Campanula carpatica – Bell Flower
Yellow Daisy type annual
Annual – Osteospermum ‘Blue-Eyed Beauty’ – Cape Daisy

6 Comments on “Photo of the Day 7.1.20 Rainy Day Daylily

  1. Gorgeous raindrop pics. Love the raft as well! Rewarding projects. You guys are inspiring.


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