Photo of the Day: 4.28.20

Gila NF CDT (5 of 5)
Oenothera albicaulis – White-stemmed Evening Primrose

Today we hiked the Continental Divide Trail running south from our camping area in the Gila National Forest.  I came upon this cute little flower along the trail.  It’s the only one I saw for the entire distance that we hiked.  I identified it as an evening primrose initially and, upon further investigation, I think it is the Oenothera albicaulis or White-stemmed Primrose.

I stumbled upon an interesting database while researching this plant called the Native American Ethnobotany Database.  It lists this plant as both a food source and a medicinal/ceremonial plant used by Native Americans.  The web page for this plant references a number of articles containing data regarding the use of this plant by Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Navajo and Hopi tribes.  Fascinating!

The trail climbed gradually from camp and leveled out onto a high plateau with sweeping views towards southern New Mexico.

Gila NF CDT (1 of 5)Gila NF CDT (2 of 5)Gila NF CDT (3 of 5)Gila NF CDT (4 of 5)

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