Photo Challenge: Acadia: May 6

Little Hunter's Beach 2 (2)

Little Hunter’s Beach stream

After work today, I walked down to Little Hunter’s Beach – a lesser known spot in Acadia that is a classic example of a Maine coast cobblestone beach.  This secluded cove is a welcome respite from the main attractions here at the park.  I was completely alone while I explored the beach.  When the tide is coming in, the musical melody that is played by the movement of the stones rattling against each other is absolutely bewitching!  The stream that feeds the ocean at this cove is still running high.  The picture above is a close-up of the stream coursing through the cobblestones as it makes it’s way to the ocean.

A wider-angle near the same spot puts the above photograph into context with it’s surroundings.

Little Hunter's Beach 2 (1)


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