30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 18

I started out the day working some overtime in the ranger station, and then was scheduled to meet some workamping friends at noon.  Jim and I worked with these two couples in the Tetons last summer and they were both spending the summer working in New Hampshire near North Conway.  They took a few days off to travel to Maine and visit Acadia so we connected with each other and had a nice day despite the threat of rain.  We enjoyed a bite to eat at “The Thirsty Whale” in Bar Harbor and then hiked along the Ocean Path from Otter Point up to Thunder Hole.  Thanks Rick, Gloria, Bill and Sandy for a really nice day.  I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and loved having some hiking partners! 🙂

I did not bring my Nikon with me today as it was raining when we left for Bar Harbor.  So, my challenge is to upload a photo taken with my phone!! Ha!  My particular phone is not known for its camera quality – especially in low light.  It’s definitely not an iPhone!   So, here is my best shot of the day.  We spent some time lingering at Thunder Hole as the tide was coming in.  The fog bank was drifting in and out allowing for some mystical shots with the sun peeking through the clouds.

Thunder Hole (1 of 1)

  • I used my phone camera – so according to my file information when I edited it –  it was shot as follows?  1/1000 sec. f/2 3.79mm   ISO set at 100.
  • No tripod!
  • In Lightroom, I adjusted highlights, shadows and vibrance settings

I could not resist also adding the photo I took of the Ilex verticillata – Winterberry Holly growing along the cliffs.  Has always been one of my favorite native plants.

winterberry holly (1 of 1)

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