30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 6

After getting up early yesterday for those amazing sunrise photos, and then working the late shift, I was not able to lift myself out of bed early this morning!  Since I had to work at noon, I only had a short window of time to capture my photograph for Day 6.  With that in mind, I walked down to my favorite little cove.  I was not happy with the time of day – being late morning.  The light is not at it’s best.  But, when I reached the cove, the tide as out a bit allowing for the recently wet cobblestones to exhibit their true colors.  I focused on attempting to pick up the array of colors in the rock.  The waves added another dimension and, eventually, I tried setting my release mode dial – first to continuous low-speed and then to continuous high-speed.  I thought that would allow me to capture the best wave splash!

With limited time to shoot this morning, I took fewer pictures and therefore had less options when selecting one for editing and submitting.  The one I chose was a shot taken with Continuous high-speed in force.  And was actually my last shot of the morning.  I increased the ISO so I could gain a faster shutter speed to capture the motion of the waves more clearly.

Lynn's Cove Rocks and Water Day 6

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/9.  My ISO was set at 250. The final shot was recorded at 1/400 sec. f/9 92mm
  • I used Live View to set the focus manually – focusing on the center of the photo
  • The release mode dial was set to continuous high-speed and used in conjunction with my tripod.
  • Exposure Compensation setting was at -0.07 for this photograph
  • In Lightroom, I played adjusted the Shadows setting to +26 and the Vibrance setting to +33 to intensify the color.  I did not crop this photo.

I’ll include just one more photo that I took this morning from the same spot, just because there was a flock of birds playing around in the water and I managed to capture them in one picture!

Lynn's Cove Rocks and Water (1 of 1)

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