30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 4

The Jesup Path near the Sieur de Monts area of Acadia has an interesting history.  I have found references to this trail as early as 1895, and George Dorr once proposed that this path was originally a Native American carry route from Cromwell Harbor to Otter Creek area.  The Jesup Path is named for philanthropists Morris K. and Maria DeWitt Jesup. It is one of several memorial paths in the Sieur de Monts area.  Funding was provided to develop these memorial paths and George Dorr envisioned the Jesup Path as one of several designed to serve as “pedestrian gateways into Acadia” from Bar Harbor.  The trail traverses a botanically rich area of moist meadow and wetland forest.  A raised boardwalk serves to provide a dry avenue to walk through the area and protect the sensitive native flora.

I have walked here a number of times this summer – looking in vain for the Barred Owls who inhabit this forest.  I have yet to see them but I will be back to walk in this shady, peaceful place.  Who knows, I may get lucky and spot the owls on a future trip!  I’m looking forward to capturing some terrific fall color here later on in September and October.  For today, I was trying to capture the various light patterns flowing through the wooded area.  My goal as well was to highlight the birch trees.

Jesup Path Day 4

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/16.  My ISO was set at 100. The final shot was recorded at 1/5 sec. f/16 31mm
  • I used Live View and manual focus – which I set by zooming in to the bark on the birches
  • II used the timer in conjunction with my tripod.
  • I did not alter the Exposure Compensation settings.
  • In Lightroom, I played around with adjusting slightly the Highlights, Shadows and Vibrance settings.  I’m sorry to say I did crop this photo more than I would have liked.  A lesson learned.

Just for fun – below is the original photo

Jesup Path original (1 of 1)

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