30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 3

Today, I chose to walk to a favorite location near my camping spot for my next photograph.  It’s a small cove off the Park Loop Road that is not visible from the road unless you pull over and look over the edge of the embankment.  I walk here often and climb down to the cove.  There is this really cool glacial erratic that is perched on the shore – I have affectionately dubbed it “Lynn’s Rock.”   At high tide, the water crashes in around it and I took quite a few shots trying to get the splash of the waves.  I am constantly amazed at the diversity of the color of the rock here in Acadia.  This cove also has a fair amount of rounded cobblestones – and the sound of the stones rolling as the tide is washing out is so enchantingly meditative.  There was a substantial amount of fog rolling in off the ocean while I was shooting here today.  Breathtaking!

Lynn's Rock (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/8.  My ISO was set at 400 in order to increase the shutter speed so the splash of the waves was not so blurry.   The final shot was recorded at 1/60 sec. f/8 38mm
  • I used Live View and manual focus – which I set when zooming in to some of the foreground rocks.
  • Instead of using the timer, I had the camera on the tripod but manually pushed the shutter release button so I could control the timing in relation to the wave splash.
  • I also used my Exposure Compensation settings to under- and over-expose each shot.  This photograph is slightly over-exposed at ++0.3
  • In Lightroom, I adjusted the following settings very, very slightly:   Highlights, Vibrance and Sharpening.  For this photo, I did very little editing.  I did crop this photo every so slightly.

I have visited this spot numerous times and taken many pictures of this “rock.”  I’d like to also share the couple of photos I took at this spot for the full moon rising on August 26th.  The photos were taken at slightly different times – as the color of the moon’s reflection intensified.  It was magical!

Lynn's Rock at full moon (1 of 1)Lynn's Rock at full moon 2 (1 of 1)


2 Comments on “30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 3

  1. I like these shots. Did you deliberately set your tripod legs shorter to get a lower angle making the wave appear higher and get more sky as background for the large rock?

    The second moon-rise image shows some nice reflection off the underside of the cloud as well. i have always had difficulty with sun and moon reflection on water–getting both the reflection and the celestial orb in balance.
    Keep those daily pictures coming!


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